Whack your team

This is a “fill in the blank” joke for those of you who are suffering through a bad season and need a way to express your unhappiness…
This guy walks into a bar with his dog to watch the [insert your team] game. He sits down on a bar stool and the dog does same thing on the one next to him.

The bartender comes over and asks the guy what he would like to drink. The bartender notices the dog and tells the guy he will have to leave when the game starts, since the bar would become very crowded.

Just like the bartender said, the bar becomes very busy and he forgets about the dog until the [team] kick a field goal. Instantly the dog leaps onto the bar and high fives the entire crowd.

The bartender is quite surprised and the customers all think this is really cool. So the bartender lets the dog stay.

Late in the second half, again the [team] kick a field goal. The dog immediately jumps up on the bar and again high fives the entire crowd.

The bartender is amazed. He cannot help but ask what the dog does when the [team] score a touchdown.

The owner says “I don’t know, I have only owned the dog for two years.”